Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day One

Good morning, internet-land!

Today I begin a dream that I have kept closed up in my heart for a long time.  Writing a novel.  Now, you may say "well, a lot of people try to do that, but they always stop before the end" or "yes, but not everyone can be the next Stephen King or Robert Jordan or whoever."  You're right!

Not everyone wants to write what Stephen King or Robert Jordan do (there are other styles and genres of writing).  I can long attest to the dream of being able to not worry about money that these writers have come to know.  The important thing is, they started at the beginning like every other struggling writer today.  They had three things--a pen, paper and a dream. 

That's where I am right now (well, technology pending).

In the past, I have puttered around with stories thinking I wasn't good enough to publish any of them.  This led to binders full of notes and stories stacked on the floor where my bookshelves could not hold them any more.  There they sit.  It is high time I turned them around and refined them into something worth reading and publishing.

My first goal is to work on The Guardian.  It was a decent old story I put together with nothing but my love for the Robin Hood legend to guide me, and a little mood music.  Here is hoping I can report good news tomorrow or in a few days.